Our handmade paper products are finely handcrafted from superior quality, eco-friendly handmade papers, by master craftsmen who create to perfection the ever innovative designs so thoughtfully developed by our creative team . 

The products not only appeal to the aesthetics but have immense functional utility 
as well.


Please read the details below to understand the various possibilities with our Handmade Paper Products.

Handmade Paper Products -- a world of endless possibilities 

Our products have a personality of  their own and make a definite statement about the person using it or gifting it. Each product personality can be shaped to create different aura and effects. It can be designed - to be delicate and dainty having a feminine appeal or it can be bold & flashy with a masculine appeal or it can have a more serious, sophisticated and business like look, depending on the requirement. 


We can play with our various inputs as mentioned below at different stages to give the desired  effect.

  1. Variety in Handmade Paper (Refer our 'Types of Handmade Paper' section) : 
    Handmade Paper has an endless variety of textures, patterns, shades, colours and  thickness - each type having a unique charm of its own. We can use several different types of Handmade Paper for our products to suit  various individual tastes and occasions . The bright and vibrant colours of a MoonRock Paper for the informal occasion or for the happy go lucky dynamic outgoing personality.
    The rich smooth texture of silken paper to add elegance and grace to any communication sent out on it.

  2. Variety in types of value addition :  
    There are various types of value addition which we do on our products. It is an integral part of our designing process and transforms / metamorphosis's our creation from a tangible and material product  into a beautiful expression of feelings.

          A few types of value addition which we do are :

  1. Screen / Block Printing :  Innumerable choice of shades, motifs and captions can be screen / block printed . Each product can be customised by the printing of logos, names, messages or as desired.

  2. Hand Painting :  Each hand painted product has a unique appeal of its own.

  3. Special Effects : We are involved in a continuous process  of  change which is fuelled by our creative research and development efforts to develop exciting and all together new styles or to modify and innovate the traditional one's  to enhance their effect. Some of the special effects that we can give on the products are -

  1. Use of Decorative Accessories:  Accessories made of several different types of materials both natural and  manmade are used to generate the kind of look and feel needed.


 We can customise our existing products -

  1. by printing of our your logos/ names/ designs/ messages specified by you.

  2. by changing any or all the variables in the product (mentioned earlier) viz. type of sheet, accessories etc.

  3. by changing the size of the products proportionately

For  customisation  of this type please fill up the FORM for customisation 



This means creating and producing an entirely new product as per specifications.

Even if you do not have definite measurements and specifications for the product and it is just an idea or a concept. Don't hesitate to fill in the FORM and communicate it to us. We can develop upon your idea and show the product to you.


The application & use of each product is limited only to the extent of your imagination.
The market potential is really huge and we can offer something to everyone.

A broad classification of market segments and products is mentioned below -

Market Segments Products Purchases made for
Card and Gift shops Complete range sale through their outlets
Departmental, Specialty and Other big stores Carry Bags self use and gifting 
Hotels, Restaurants and Resorts  Coasters, Mats, Lamp Shades, Guest Stationery Sets, Folders, Bags etc. self use and gifting
Companies Stationery, Folders, File covers, Visiting cards, all other items self use and gifting

* Please note this classification is generalised and is not comprehensive.

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