About Us

We are - what we do 

We are converters, designers, manufacturers and exporters of Handcrafted Products of Handmade Paper.

We convert not just the Handmade Paper into a product, but any conceivable or identified need of social expression - be it for self use or gifting, expensive or economical, into a great product idea.

The inherent beauty of its various hues & textures along with  its strength and durability make Handmade Paper very versatile.

It is like a fertile soil, which coupled with the seeds of our creativity and ingenuity can give birth to any kind of product.

Our essence - is what we believe in 

Life is a gift to enjoy all the beautiful creations - not just a masterpiece, but the beauty that co-exists  with us in our everyday life. Not a million dollar 'Picasso'  in the drawing  room but a dainty rose bud  in the garden or a classy pen stand  on the office desk.

We believe in creating masterpieces of Handmade Paper for our everyday life - to make each moment an occasion to celebrate.

We can conceptualise  and create handcrafted products of Handmade Paper for any occasion and for anyone - be it individuals, corporate houses or maybe even aliens.

Please see the Products section of our site - for seeing is believing .

Its just the beginning - there will be additions, at regulars intervals though- as perfecting and  finishing a great idea into a magnificent product takes some time.