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We are looking for Distributors/Agents for marketing our complete range of products in unrepresented cities in India for marketing our complete range of products for procuring bulk order from companies, Hotels, Restaurants, Departmental Stores and other segments of the markets.


Nature of work involves marketing of our products in various segments.
It mainly involves -

  1. Supplying the full range of products to major Cards & Gift outlets for retail sales and then ensuring proper shelf display at those outlets.
  2. Procuring bulk orders for corporate gifting.
  3. Procuring bulk orders from 
    *   Hotels, Restaurants and Resorts
    *   Departmental, Specialty and other big stores
    *   Business houses
    for supplies of our various products e.g. Carry bags, Letter Sheets, Visiting Cards, Guest Stationary Sets, Coasters, Folders, File Covers etc. for their self use

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1. Huge Market  


: Their is a huge market for our products -- which is still untapped. Hence the sale potential is tremendous.
2. Constant R & D   


: To introduce new products on a regular basis to cater to different segments of the market.
3. Customisation  


: Products can be customised and created as per requirements enhancing their marketability and client base.


Environment Friendly  



Our Handmade Paper Products have an environment friendly appeal and are suitable for all eco-conscious organisations.
5. Excellent market response  : Wherever our products  have been made available the market response has been excellent.


New concept 



Everywhere people are looking for new gift ideas and our unique Handmade Paper products offer them what they are looking for.



  1. Marketing ingenuity : 
    Ability to identify company/organisation/individuals who can place bulk orders.
    Ability to identify & create a need, then think of a product for that particular need. 
  2. Good contacts with --
               * Cards and Gift Shops
               * Departmental and other big stores
               * Hotels and Restaurants
               * Big Companies/Organisations
               * Advertising Agencies.
  3. Previous experiences of marketing in these segments.
  4. Hard work and involvement


Due to the typical nature of our products we will be totally involved with you in your marketing endeavours.

We will be -

If you are interested in joining hands with us please fill up the Distributorship Form.