ages pass by yet something remain ageless

The traditional Indian craft of HANDMADE PAPER was greatly used by the Indian royalty for communicating extremely important messages, be it declaring a war or initiating a truce or announcing the 'Taj Poshi'  (Crowning) of the heir or the  'Swayamvar' of their beloved daughters.

(Swayamvar was a marriage ceremony where several suitors were invited by the King and the Princess made the final selection of her Prince charming by garlanding him )

Centuries old craft of Handmade Paper has endured the severe tests of time, culture and technology.

Royal Indian Handmade Paper has modern day implications too, on account of its being wood free. Which is why environment friendly companies who care for the future of our children are resorting to greater usage of Handmade Paper products, as they realize that we have not inherited these trees from our forefathers but have borrowed them from our children.

Join this league of connoisseurs and give an expression to your individuality and to your concern for our environment by using Handmade Paper and its  products.

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